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Welcome to our Online Store for acrylic display products and acrylic store fixtures.

We supply quality, well designed, pre-fabricated and custom made clear acrylic displays and accessories such as: poster frames, sign holders, brochure holders, jewellery displays, easels, product risers, stands, showcases, eye-wear displays, displays blocks, bases, cubes, pedestals, mineral and fossil displays, slat-wall accessories, moulded economy acrylic fixtures, and other specialty displays.

You will find a large selection, with over 3000 items of acrylic displays ready for use in various counter-top, wall-mount, floor or slat-wall display settings... retail stores, gift shops, bookstores, department stores, collectible shops, trade-shows, galleries, museums, product manufacturers and restaurants.

Our products are furnished at very competitive prices and shipped all across the United States and Canada. We stock most popular items and can deliver them within 5-15 business days ...



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